Library & Software

WinHost software for all models Spectrex flame and open path gas detectors, to be used in combination with part number 794079 USB/RS485 converter kit:

SharpEye flame detectors:

40/40 Series                  WinHost 40/40 series                                   DD 40/40 series

20/20 Mini Series        WinHost 20/20-MI-ML series

20/20-MPI Series         WinHost 20/20-MPI series

20/20-SI-SH-CTIN       WinHost 20/20-SI-SH-CTIN series

SafEye gas detectors:

200, 300 series             WinHost 200-300 series

300, 700 series SIL2   WinHost 300SIL2-700SIL2-950-960 series      DD 300SIL-700SIL-950-960 series

Quasar 950, 960          WinHost 300SIL2-700SIL2-950-960 series      DD 300SIL-700SIL-950-960 series

Quasar 900 series      WinHost 900 series                                      DD 900 series


Below you will find some tools that may help you to determine the right model flame detector. Don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance and/or projection drawings:

Fire size and maximum detection distances for 40/40 flame detectors

Making changes to internal settings of the SharpEye 40/40 flame detectors

SharpEye Flame Detector Selection Guide 2017.pdf

Flame Range vs Flame Size.pdf

Frequently asked questions about flame detection.pdf

Here you will find some application notes that may be helpful in your acquisition efforts:

Application Note-AircraftHangar.pdf

Application Note-StorageTanks.pdf